Story Idea #2

“Honey, honey. It’s going to be fine.” My mother says to me. We just found out that my sister was sick and did not have much longer to live.
“No, it’s not, mom. She’s only five years old!” I scream running away from her, out the front door.
“Ana, sweetie, come back inside!” My dad said. I shook my head. “Please baby, the lights will go out in an hour.” I sighed and went back inside, up to my room. I sat in my window bed looking outside. My dad went outside to the fence. Why he went outside, while he told me to go inside? It was Sunday night, every Sunday a dark blue car would come into our street. The car stops in front of every house to make sure everyone was alive and healthy. No they weren’t humans, they were vampires. It is year 2089. In 2020 vampires started to take control of us. They killed the president as a warning before they took full control of our world. Lots of humans were killed, humans who disobeyed were killed, and elders were used as blood bags. It only took them 20 years to take full control. I’m Ana Dandelion Watson, born in 2072 on Victory day, which is tomorrow. On this day at 12:00 AM fireworks will be lit. In the first few years of my life my parents told me it was especially for me, but I found out from the neighbours it wasn’t. The fireworks were lit up on that day because on that day the vampires were in full control. As the years went by I learned how to live in this century. Every two weeks on Wednesday a bus with food comes by and gives each family the same amount of food, so if you had many children you would have trouble with the food like in our family. I have my mom, Denise, my dad, Mark, my older sister, Lilly, my older brothers, Jake and James who are twins and my younger sister Amy. We don’t have much food which makes us only last a week with the food we get. That’s also one of the reasons why Amy is sick. I didn’t eat much, I never did, I grew up with only one meal a day. Not like my older siblings. My older sister, Lilly, is 19, she was my parents first child which meant they had more than enough food to eat three to four times a day. My brothers, Jake and James, are 18 and even with them they managed it, they ate three times a day. But then I came, we couldn’t eat that much, I was an accident too, I was never meant to be made in the first place. It was all my fault we couldn’t eat enough. Then when Amy came I gave all the food I would get to her. I lived of water and every now and then something from my mom and dad’s plate.


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