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A Vivid Dream

Some may know I writing a book, and this particular scene was a dream of mine.

Staring at the dresses I had laid out on the bed I picked my grey, long sleeved, thigh high, skin tight dress. Quickly pulling it on I stare t my body in my mirror, which is attached to the wall.

‘I hate it,’ I mumble, ready to – rip – take it off, when I get stopped by Jesse.

‘What do you mean?’ he asks. How did he hear me? No wait, why didn’t he knock!? ‘It’s lovely, especially on you,’ he says walking over to me.

‘Why didn’t you knock?’ I ask, totally ignoring his comment on my dress. Crossing my arms in front of me, jutting out my hip a slight glare on my face. ‘I could have been naked, you know?’

‘I know but I wouldn’t have cared,’ he answers walking closer to me and uncrossing my arms. ‘Now listen to me. You look gorgeous in this dress and your date is a fool if he doesn’t tell you this too,’ he pulls the end of my dress before laughing softly. ‘Just a tip, do not bend forward or you’ll give your date, and a few others quite a show,’ I blush and start pulling on the dress myself.

‘Maybe I should put on my red one,’ I mumble again, walking to my bed to grab the red one.

‘No, no!’ Jesse says grabbing my wrist pulling me back towards him. ‘Keep this one on, okay? You look gorgeous.’

‘Okay, thank you Jesse,’ I tell him softly.

‘No problem,’ he kisses my cheek and gives me a hug. ‘Now put on some lipstick and you’re good to go,’ he grins before leaving the room. I do as he says and put on a darkish pink lipstick along with two layers of mascara to my lashes. I put on my black heels before going downstairs, holding the railing not wanting to fall. Yes, I can walk on heels, just the combination of heels and the stairs don’t go well with me. When I look up from the stairs I see Leo staring at me.

‘Stop staring at me, I do not look as good as you make it look like,’ I mumble, grabbing my coat and sliding it on.

‘But, you do look good, though,’ Leo said kissing my cheek.

‘Alright, but I’m going to go, see you later,’ I tell them opening the front door, walking towards my car, which I paid for myself. Yes I am the proud owner of a baby blue Opel Karl.

‘No sex on the first date!’ Jesse says loudly making a man walking his dog look over at us with wide eyes, a blush forming on my cheeks.

‘Jesse!’ I yelled at him before getting in as they laughed.


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