My Best Friend & I

My best friend & I are totally different, yet the same.
She has this shoulder length really curly hair that poofs
While my hair is a boring straight bob line.
She is really adventurous, she wants to see a lot of the world,
I would love to do that too, but I’m a little scaredy-cat.
Another big difference is that she is 26 while I am only 17 nearly 18.
She likes going out while I would like to stay in my room and read.
She doesn’t draw but I do!
We do have quite the same interest in movies, though!
At school she needs a quiet classroom otherwise she can’t concentrate,
While I can just ignore all the weird noises and the stupid comments made by our classmates.
She’s quite chaotic and has her own way of doing things, some of which I don’t understand at all. But she probably thinks the same about me in some aspects.

But even though we are so different I wouldn’t change her for the world.


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