Different groups in class

We’ve all noticed that each and every class you’ve been in, splits into subgroups whether you like it or not.

In my class. it’s no different. we have:

The full-of-themselves
The Jocks
The New Bees
The Stick together’s (or the Naturals)
The In-betweeners
And last but not least we have the Outcasts, which is my group.

I don’t mind being in this group. I mean, I met my best friend in this group which is awesome. The only problem is since the Jocks showed up in our class suddenly everything we did was wrong in some way, or weird for that matter. If one of us is late in the morning everyone has to know, it’s yelled through the classroom bringing all the attention to us, but if someone from any other group is late nothings wrong, it’s not being yelled through the classroom it’s just “fine”, there is nothing wrong with being late. Ever since the Jocks came I feel like I did the past 12 years of my life, the piss pole of the class, I feel like I’m back at square one while last year I felt fine, I wasn’t all that picked on. Sure I had my moments with classmates that hurt me but it was so much better than when I was in high school and middle school. And now it’s gone back to that.


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